Yowza Home Treadmills – Worth Your Money?

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Yowza Treadmill Review:


yowza treadmill reviewWith a name like Yowza, it has to be good – right? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Fact is, you’d probably never even heard of Yowza before you started looking to buy a treadmill.

Yowza is a smaller online treadmill company that was started by the former CEO of SmoothFitness.

And just like the upstart that Smooth was in its day, Yowza is raising some eyebrows and impressing adventurous buyers today. Think of Yowza like the Android to Proform’s iPhone.

Are they worth your money?

Here’s an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of this brand:



The Good:

Yowza treadmills offer great basics as well as some features you won’t find on other brands. For example, several models come with an Intelligent Weight Management system.

This feature monitors your weight and detects subtle increases as minute as 0.1 kg. It then tells your treadmill to change your workout program to burn off the extra weight.

So it’s a great way to maintain your weight without having to diet or plan out exercise routines yourself.

Another bonus is that all Yowza treadmills carry Swing-Arm Cushioning. In this system, as your foot hits the deck the treadmill gives and springs back with the force of your foot(instead of holding still and hitting your foot with full impact).

This cushioning absorbs 63% more impact than standard treadmills and gives added protection to your joints, back, knees and hips.

Yowza also carries a line of “Transformer” treadmills.

These are ultra-slim folded treadmills that take up less space when folded than standard folded treadmills.

This makes them easier to store away in tight places.

Plus, unlike other compact treadmills, these models are reinforced for extra stability and sturdiness.


The Bad and the Ugly:

The main drawback is that this brand is not very well known. And in this kind of economy, that makes some  people nervous.

Then again, they’ve been chugging away steadily for over 5 years now – so their track record is building.

Another thing people don’t like is that because these treadmills are so new, there isn’t a lot of feedback on them. So you don’t know how well they will hold up over time.

I personally haven’t heard a lot of negative about them. But if you’re a very conservative, nervous buyer, you may want to look elsewhere at a more well-known brand.


Bottom Line:

Yowza treadmills are building up a good reputation. And they do have some features you don’t find on other brands.

If you’re looking for a hidden gem – and slightly underpriced treadmills, you’ll probably be very happy with a Yowza.


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