Best Compact Treadmill For Your Home


best compact treadmillTreadmills can take up a lot of space. And if you have a small workout area, you may want to get one that is specifically built to be compact.

There are a number of super compact treadmills on the market – but a lot of them are pretty cheap (in price and in quality).

So how do you find a solid compact treadmill that’s easy to move around and doesn’t take up a lot of space? Here’s one option to consider:


Best Compact Treadmill:


Lifespan TR200

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Lifespan is a great name in the business and they make quality treadmills with great design and cushioning.

Their TR200 model is built specifically to be compact and still give you what you need in a walking home treadmill.

It folds up to be ultra thin  just 13.5 inches tall when lying flat and 59.5 inches tall while standing. So you can easily fold it up and store it in a closet or under the bed.

When unfolded the footprint is just 30.5 W by 51.5 L, which is pretty small.

Plus, you get several things with this treadmill that you don’t get with other compact treadmills like:

– Incline (10 levels)

– Backlit Console to easily see your workout stats



– Heart Rate Monitor

– iPod Dock with Speakers

– Built-in workouts


Also, the cushioning on this treadmill – while not the best – is still much better than other compact treadmills (where it’s pretty much nonexistent).

Another bonus? It comes almost fully assembled in the box. So you don’t have the headache of spending hours trying to put it together.




While the Lifespan TR200 does suffer from the same problems as other compact units – namely a much smaller belt and inferior stability, if you want a solid compact treadmill that will hold up better than other compact units, this one is worth considering.

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3 Of The Best Treadmill Brands To Consider


best treadmill brandsIf you’re shopping for a treadmill, one of the things you’ll start with is the brand. Certain brands are better than others.

Also, going with a brand you trust gives you more peace of mind that your investment is a good one and you’ll be enjoying your treadmill for years to come.

When looking for the best treadmill brands, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. So here are 3 different options with the strengths of each brand to help you make your own best buying decision:


Best Treadmill Brands 2014:


#1 Nordictrack

Nordictrack is the leader in terms of adding new treadmill toys, better cushioning and super-strong motors to their treadmills every year.

They were the first home brand to put a built-in touch-screen, web browser into their higher end treadmills.

Plus, they also came out with super-high incline treadmills like the X9i which helps you burn 5 times the calories of a regular treadmill.

Other unique touches they’ve added include decline options, desk treadmills, TV treadmills and iFit LIVE – which lets you map out new trails to run online while you watch the actual terrain pass you by in the console screen.

best treadmill brands - nt console

They also add some of the best warranties in the business to their treadmills like lifetime motor warranties and up to 2 years on service (most brands only give you 6 months to 1 year on service).

Plus, they’ve somehow managed to keep their prices low, even though manufacturing costs are going up with inflation every year.

Some of the best options in this category are the Nordictrack Commercial 1750, the X9i incline trainer and the 970.

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#2 Sole

Sole hasn’t added a lot of upgrades to their treadmills – and they do fall down a bit in terms of workout toys. You don’t get a lot of flash with these treadmills.

But where they shine is in the areas of construction quality and cushioning.

These treadmills are super-solid and have cushioning that reduces impact on your joints by up to 40%.

They also have long decks and excellent warranties.

If you’re looking for a super-solid treadmill and don’t care about a lot of workout programs or flashy toys, this is a great brand to consider.

Sole of their most popular models are the F80 and the F85.

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 best treadmill brands - sole console


#3 Precor

Precor is more of a commercial brand – and has the prices to reflect this, starting around $3000 and up. But you really can’t fault them in terms of construction quality or overall design.

They’ve been around for years and have built a reputation for strong, well-designed running treadmills that last for years.

Their cushioning system is excellent and they give you super-strong decks.

While the consoles don’t give you the graphics and options you get with Nordictrack, you do get some toys like preset workouts, wireless heart rate monitoring, iPod jacks and magazine racks.

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precor-9-23-treadmill console



So those are 3 of the best treadmill brands on the market right now. They all have their strengths and it really comes down to what you’re looking for in a treadmill. Take your time and do your research beforehand – and you’re much more likely to get good value for your money!



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